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“Our company has a sustainability policy and goals. By working with TDS on a buyback and “tech cycling” plan, we were able to exceed our annual sustainability goals, and satisfy our reporting requirements. Our investors have never been happier!”

IT Asset Recovery Services

TDS Computers offers IT asset recovery services to meet your budget and sustainability goals.

Discounts. Reduced Costs. Equipment Inventory.

TDS consults on your recycling or buys-back surplus on 1-5 year old equipment:

  • Desktop PCs

  • Laptops

  • Servers

  • Networking Equipment

  • Printers

  • Business Phones

  • Storage Arrays

  • Monitors

Your investors and clients are placing new sustainability demands on you and your operations.

TDS has the answer: Sustainable Tech Recovery Services

Technology slows down over time.

Constant software updates, viruses, and aging factors wear even high-end equipment out.

TDS can help you meet your sustainability goals, while saving your team money.

Connect with our sales representatives to learn how much you can save when you cycle your old technology fleet out for a newer, faster setup.

Interested in selling surplus IT equipment or recycling your functional legacy gear? Inquire here:

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