Terms of Service

The following is a description of TDS Computers, LLC’s standard terms and conditions governing all agreements between TDS and its customers. All of the following terms and conditions apply to every agreement between TDS and its customers except where TDS and its customer have agreed otherwise in a writing signed by both of them.

Basis for Service Charges

TDS provides its services on a time and materials basis. TDS may, at its option, advance reasonable expenses under $100 for its customers. At TDS’s request, customers will directly pay or advance to TDS the amounts to pay proper expenses of $100 or more. Any pre-purchased credit left on account for a period of time greater than a year will become the property of TDS.

Time Records

TDS personnel enter their time into our time-keeping system, generally daily. The hourly service rates for TDS’s personnel range, and are subject to adjustment from time to time at TDS’s discretion. Expenses advanced by TDS are also entered into our time-keeping system. Overtime rates (time and a half) apply to work performed outside regular business hours (8am to 6pm Monday thru Friday), including work performed on weekends and holidays that TDS is closed for business; and to work performed beyond 9 hours in a single day.


Invoices will be sent weekly or as appropriate, and are due net thirty (30) days. Late payment charges of one and one half percent (1½ %) per month apply to amounts that remain unpaid for thirty days. TDS has the right to suspend further services or shipments in the event that the customer fails to make payments when due.


Customer shall cooperate with TDS and shall take all steps reasonably necessary to permit TDS to perform any agreed services. TDS shall provide its services in a good and workmanlike manner consistent with the prevailing standards for information services consultants providing similar services in Greater Cleveland metropolitan area.